Are You On the Road to Nationals?

In a year when everything is different and nothing is surprising, FBLA-PBL members are aspiring to explore, experience, and engage like never before. We are rounding out our first half of the membership year and have seen our future business leader members accomplish so much! Whether it has been participating in the Stock Market Game, completing a level of the Business Achievement Awards or the CSA program, attending college and career-readiness webinars, or exploring the new Roadmap series, many members have shown their FBLA-PBL commitment to getting to “Nationals.”

While the fate of the National Leadership Conference is still unknown, what we do know is there are many boxes to check before the highlight of the FBLA membership year! “On the Road to Nationals” is a special campaign designed to help your chapters retain and recruit members. Are you on the road with us?

Thank you for joining the NLE!

Stay tuned for 2020-21 programming and events information.