NOTE: Honor Code will be submitted/verified during NLC conference registration


Integrity and honor are integral elements of ethical, responsible leadership. In a community
devoted to learning, a foundation of integrity and honor among individuals must exist if that
community is to thrive with respect and harmony among its members. Great care must be
taken in maintaining academic integrity and honor while preparing students/members for their
future careers, and as they grow into future leaders. It is the individual responsibility of every
member, local adviser, and state adviser to maintain and enforce these standards. To
administer such a high standard across our organization, every competitor must agree and
certify to the compliance of the following guidelines for any competitive event into which they
are registered:

1. The contents of this FBLA-PBL competitive event entry, and any answers or solutions
provided, are solely the work of the competitor and/or his/her team members.

2. The FBLA-PBL competitive event guidelines related to this event were read and
followed, along with any supplemental guidelines for the 2021 NLC.

3. No help was sought beyond that allowed in any FBLA-PBL competitive event instructions
or guidelines; nor any supplemental guidelines created for the 2021 NLC.

4. No more time was taken than allowed by FBLA-PBL competitive event guidelines, and all
video recordings submitted for judging were recorded in one take on the first attempt.

5. No textbooks, reference materials, or other aids not specifically allowed in the FBLA-PBL
competitive event guidelines, nor any supplemental guidelines created for the 2021
NLC, were or will be used.

6. In the case of extemporaneous presentations, no cases, prep materials, student notes,
or associated items were provided or used to aid the undersigned competitor(s) prior to
recording of the presentation and that all the above listed, if utilized, were destroyed.

7. No FBLA-PBL competitive event or test materials will be or have been saved to any
storage device remaining in the possession of the competitor(s) or that of any other
person; nor has it been saved to any cloud storage.

8. No portion of this entry has previously been entered into FBLA-PBL national

9. Participation of the competitor in this, and any, FBLA-PBL competitive events will take
place in an honest fashion.

In the event of an alleged violation to one or more of these guidelines, the National Awards
Program (NAP) Committee for the designated FBLA-PBL division will have the authority to make
an official decision to settle the allegation. If a violation is determined to have occurred, the
entry will be subject to penalties of point deductions or disqualification at the determination of
the NAP Committee, and information will be forwarded to the appropriate state FBLA-PBL
organization for potential action of academic integrity violations.

By completing my registration for the 2021 National Leadership Conference, I am indicating my
understanding of the consequences of violating this Honor Code.