PLEASE NOTE: FBLA-PBL advises using appropriate precautions and following any guidelines and restrictions as set forth by the CDC, your local and state governments, or your specific educational institution.


  • A team competing in any presentation/performance/demonstration event that involves live judging via Zoom may present to the judges in one of the following ways:
    • Using separate accounts from separate locations with the Event Administrator moving the competitors as a group.
    • Using one account with all competitors in the same location.


  • For competitive events that require recorded presentations:
    • Use any web-based meeting software that allows recording of teams when they are all in different locations, to record team presentations (team members would not have to be in the same room).
      • Recommended: Zoom
      • Note: Individual competitors may use any method they prefer to record presentations.
  • For competitive events that require uploading of presentations:
    • Videos must be posted online and submitted via an unlisted (only viewable with a link) format
      • Recommended: YouTube
      • Note: If you wish to use a method other than YouTube to post your video online, please work with your adviser or your school technology coordinators to assist in posting an unlisted video.
    • Videos must be unlocked for viewing purposes, and locked videos that cannot be viewed, will not be judged.
    • It is highly recommended that competitors do practice videos and practice online postings beforehand to make sure that the video posting works as needed. However, the practice videos cannot be of your competitive event entry.
      • Recommended: Do all practice session in casual attire (not in dress code) to avoid any misunderstandings.
  • Submitting Presentations
    • Competitor(s) must provide URL needed to play the video to your state adviser.


Events affected are:

  • FBLA: 3-D Animation, American Enterprise Project, Business Financial Plan, Business Plan, Community Service Project, Digital Video Production, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, Partnership with Business Project
  • PBL: Community Service Project, Small Business Management Plan
  • A video will be submitted for judging. This video submission shall adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Only the student(s) registered for the event may appear in the presentation.
    • No individuals, other than the student(s) registered for the event, may assist with items such as advancing slides, sharing screen, etc. during the presentation.
    • Students must conform to the FBLA-PBL Dress Code while recording the video.
    • Videos shall be submitted in one take. This means that only one video per competitor/team may be submitted. The submission shall not be edited.
    • Submissions may not be re-shot for any reason, including quality of performance, mistakes, etc.
    • Teleprompters, cue cards, or other off-screen aids for competitors may not be used.
    • For events classified as Presentations Without Equipment, notes or note cards are allowed.
    • For events that allow materials, visual aids, portfolios, etc., they may be shown to the judges as part of the recorded presentation. They cannot be uploaded in any way as part of the presentation, as this would violate the competitive event guidelines about not leaving any materials with judges.
    • For Presentations with Equipment, students may utilize projectors/presentations (example: PowerPoints), should they choose to use them.
    • Students would be allowed to share their computer screen for events categorized as Presentations with Equipment. If sharing the screen, students must still be seen in the recording.
    • The question and answer portion will be eliminated, so competitors should endeavor to address all portions of the rating sheet in their presentation.
    • The total presentation time shall not be extended by the amount of time allotted for Q&A. Any presentations that go over the time listed on the rating sheet, will receive a penalty deduction.
    • The video that is submitted for the preliminary round competition, will also be used for the final round of competition.
    • Video URLs will be submitted to state advisers, who will then post the URL to the competitor(s) event registration form.