For FBLA, each State Chapter may register State Voting Delegates. How do these delegates get registered for the NLE?

Each state chapter in good standing shall be entitled to send two voting delegates its active membership. These State Voting Delegates vote on the election of the National President, National Secretary, National Treasurer and any bylaw amendments.  State Key Contacts will determine each of their two State Voting Delegates based on a form which is

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How do I register local chapter voting delegates?

Each local chapter in good standing shall be entitled to send from its active membership, two to four local voting delegates and one alternate for each voting delegate to the National Leadership Experience in accordance with the following: Under 50 members—two voting delegates. 50–100 members—three voting delegates. Over 100 members—four voting delegates. In FBLA, these

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How long is the candidate speech and can we use skits, graphics and music?

All speeches are pre-recorded and 2 minutes in length.  This is a straight speech.  No skits, music, or graphics may be used.  You must be dressed in business attire.   Video speeches for all PBL National Officers for elected office will be played during the PBL Online Opening Session.  Video speeches for the offices of President,

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