2022 FBLA National Leadership Conference (NLC)
Competitive Events Information


Because COVID factors into decisions that we make at NLC, we are instituting a policy of no hand shaking. In particular, members should not shake hands with judges during competitions. This is for the safety of everyone at NLC. Judges will be instructed not to shake hands and not to let this affect how they rate any competitor.

Open Events are a series of objective tests that anyone registered for the NLC can take part in.  No pre-qualification is required.  FBLA offers six open events each year, and FBLA-Middle Level offers four open events each year. The tests offered change from year to year.  At NLC, each member can take one open event test.  They are scheduled for July 1, and there is a link to this year’s tests in the Timeline section at the bottom of this page.

For members who are competing in any production tests (Computer Applications, Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, and Word Processing), please review the Production Test Submission Handbook for very important information needed so that your test documents are submitted correctly.

Cafeteria-style seating

Cafeteria-style seating will be instituted during online testing at NLC. This means that as members start to line up for their assigned testing session, they will be allowed to go in and take their test if seats are available.

Can I bring my own device?
Members will be allowed to bring their own device for online testing, which enables them to use a device they are familiar with. Laptops will be supplied if needed.

FBLA-PBL will be piloting remote judging during the preliminary round for the Job Interview and Sales Presentation events at each of the NLCs this year (FBLA and PBL events only).  This is being done in an attempt to simulate modern, real-world business practices of initial conversations/presentations being done virtually to qualify for further, in-person conversations/presentations and will allow us to determine the feasibility of having remote judges in the future. There will still be an in-person judge in each section working with a remote judge.

Picture identification (ID) must be presented when checking in for all competitive events. Picture ID can be a driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, or school ID. If an FBLA member does not have a picture ID, please click here to access the FBLA Competitor Alternate ID Form.

Please note that the one-page case study summary must follow the guidelines for academic reports as outlined in the Format Guide, as well as the event guidelines for the Business Ethics event contained in the FBLA Competitive Event Guidelines for 2021-22. For NLC competition purposes, the works cited can be on a second page. Judges will be informed of this clarification.

Competitive event prize checks (given to the top three competitors/teams in each competition) will now be mailed after the NLC to the address(es) provided at registration.

  • If you are competing in an event with a test and performance component, closely check the times for each event. If a test is scheduled at the same time as a performance, compete in the performance first, then report to the computer lab for testing.
  • PBL members registered for two online tests scheduled at the same time should complete one test at the scheduled time, then start the second test immediately after. Team members must coordinate with each other, as team events require a collaborative test effort.
  • Students registered for two performance events scheduled at the same time should immediately go to the Competitive Events Desk to resolve the conflict.


  • Each competitor (and/or local adviser) is responsible for the following:
    • Reading and following the competitive event guidelines that are found in the FBLA Competitive Event Guidelines document.
    • Reading and agreeing to abide by the Honor Code for the 2022 National Leadership Conference. Each competitor must check the box on the 2022 NLC registration form that indicates they agree to comply with the Honor Code.
    • All local advisers must reach out to their state adviser providing the information as to which members who qualified for national competition will be competing at NLC. Please check with your state adviser for the best process in sharing this information.
    • All local advisers should reach out to their state adviser to confirm that their members have been properly registered for their competitive event(s).
  • Competitors must have registered for NLC and paid conference registration to be eligible to compete.


  • All competitors will have to go through their state’s process to qualify for competitive events.
  • FBLA-PBL will be holding a separate open events program that any member who has registered/paid for NLC can participate in. Please use the link in the Timeline below to see which open events are being offered.


  • An FBLA member may participate in one (1) individual or team event, and in one (1) chapter event.
  • Any member who competed at any previous NLC, should note that all FBLA-PBL established guidelines regarding repeat competitors are in place for the 2022 NLC.


May 10, 2022 All competitive event registrations must be completed by state advisers
No new competitive event entries can be added after this deadline, only substitutions to existing, registered teams
May 10, 2022 PDFs of prejudged reports and interview event materials (resumes/letters of application) must be submitted by state advisers
(American Enterprise Project, Business Ethics, Business Financial Plan, Business Plan, Community Service Project, Future Business Leader, Job Interview, Local Chapter Annual Business Report, Partnership with Business Project)
May 10, 2022 URLs of prejudged projects must be submitted by state advisers
(3-D Animation, Digital Video Production)
May 17, 2022 Production tests must be submitted by state advisers
(Computer Applications, Database Design & Applications, Spreadsheet Applications, Word Processing)
June 7, 2022 Deadline to make any final drops or team member substitutions for existing, registered teams
June 29, 2022 First day of competitive events—click here for scheduled events
June 30, 2022 Second day of competitive events—click here for scheduled events
July 1, 2022 Last day of competitive events—click here for scheduled events
July 1, 2022 All open events—click here for scheduled events
July 1, 2022 Awards of Excellence Ceremony, #1—click here for list of events being awarded
July 2, 2022 Awards of Excellence Ceremony, #2—click here for list of events being awarded
After NLC Competitive event prize checks sent to winners
After NLC Competitive event winners published in Tomorrow’s Business Leader (TBL) NLC Special Edition – online