NLE Special Edition of Tomorrow’s Business Leader

Featuring the highlights of the NLE including videos of pre-event content, general sessions, and keynotes, as well as links to exclusive NLE leadership content, and showcasing the national recognitions and competitive events winners, this publication has something for everyone. The special edition allows you to share directly to your social media channels, email to others, and save to your desktop.

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Individual Objective Test Events
Take test online via ESS

Events in this category:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Business Math & Financial Literacy
  • Career Exploration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Introduction to Computer Science & Coding

Presentation Events

  • Record presentation and post online for judging (no Q&A)
  • Events in this category:
    • Community Service Project
    • Critical Thinking*
  • For Community Service Project, competitors would be allowed to share their screen to aid in presenting their project. If sharing screen, the competitor would also have to still be seen while presenting.  NOTE: This option is not available for Critical Thinking since the event does not allow the use of equipment or PowerPoints.
  • *Has a case study that will be released to state advisers, who will release to competitors, with guidelines for prep time and recording presentation for judges.

Speech Events

  • Record speech and post online for judging
    • Record speech only—do not have to create or show business card or brochure/flyer
  • Events in this category:
    • Elevator Speech

Prejudged Projects with Objective Test

  • Submit project only (no objective test)
  • Events in this category:
    • Multimedia & Website Development