2021 Middle Level National Leadership Conference (NLC)
Competitive Events Administration

PLEASE NOTE: These competitive event guidelines are in place only for the virtual 2021 National Leadership Conference


ANNOUNCEMENT, June 16: Schedules for final round presentation event judging via ZOOM are now being posted, As we continue to get results, we will be adding more events. We are attempting to email all competitors, but many emails are not being delivered. If you do not receive an email, competitors should check with their local adviser for information on how to access the schedules.
ANNOUNCEMENT, June 11: We posted some tips for student success for Zoom judging. Click here to view the tips.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Schedules for presentation event judging via Zoom are being posted. Competitors should check with their local adviser for information on how to access the schedules.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructions for taking online, objective tests have been posted.  Please click here to view the instructions.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructions for taking open event tests have been posted.  Please click here to view the instructions.


    • Each competitor (and/or local adviser) is responsible for the following:
      1. Reading and following the competitive event guidelines that are found in the FBLA-ML Competitive Event Guidelines document.
      2. Reading and following any modified competitive event guidelines for the 2021 virtual NLC that are found further down on this page (click on the link for your event category).
      3. Reading and agreeing to abide by the Honor Code for the 2021 National Leadership Conference.  Each competitor must check the box on the 2021 NLC Conference Registration Form that indicates they agree to comply with the Honor Code.
      4. Reading and following the Digital Submission Guidelines that have been developed specifically for the 2021 NLC.  These guidelines have been developed in order to carry out an online competitive events experience at the 2021 NLC.
      5. All local advisers should reach out to their state adviser providing the information as to which members who qualified for national competition will be competing at NLC. Please check with your state adviser for the best process in sharing this information.
      6. All local advisers should reach out to their state adviser to confirm that their members have been properly registered for their competitive event(s).


  • All competitors will have to go through their state’s process to qualify for competitive events.
  • FBLA-PBL will be holding a separate open events program that any member who has registered/paid for NLC can participate in.  This open events program is similar to the one offered at previous in-person NLCs.  Please click on the Open Events category tab below to see which open events are being offered.


  • An FBLA-Middle Level member may participate in one (1) event.
  • Any member who competed at the 2020 NLE, or any previous NLC, should note that all FBLA-PBL established guidelines regarding repeat competitors are in place for the 2021 NLC.


  • A team competing in any presentation/performance/demonstration event that involves live judging via Zoom may present to the judges in one of the following ways:
    • Using separate accounts from separate locations with the Event Administrator moving the competitors as a group.
    • Using one account with all competitors in the same location.
  • PLEASE NOTE: FBLA-PBL advises using appropriate precautions and following any guidelines and restrictions as set forth by the CDC, your local and state governments, or your specific educational institution.


Individual Objective Test Events

ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructions for taking online, objective tests have been posted.  Please click here to view the instructions.

Individual Objective Test Events

    • Take test online via ESESS.
      • Online, objective tests will be administered as open book/open notes/open Internet search.

Events in this category:

  • Business Etiquette
  • Business Math & Financial Literacy
  • Career Exploration
  • Digital Citizenship
  • Introduction to Computer Science & Coding

Prejudged Projects with Objective Test

  • Submit prejudged project only (no objective test).
  • Events in this category:
    • Multimedia & Website Development

Presentation Events

  • Judge via live Zoom.
  • Events in this category:
    • Community Service Project
    • Critical Thinking#
    • Elevator Speech *
  • #Competitors will be admitted to preparation room in Zoom, and then moved to the performance room in Zoom.
  • *Competitors will be required to show judges the visual aid (brochure, flyer, etc.) and business card that are required for this event.
    • These visual aids can be printed and shown over the camera or by sharing the screen, but camera must remain on so judges can also see competitors while sharing screen.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Instructions for taking open event tests have been posted.  Please click here to view the instructions.

Open Events

  • Any FBLA-Middle Level member who is registered/paid for NLC may take one of the following open event online objective tests:
    • Economics
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Exploring Current  Business Issues
    • Leadership
  • The testing window for open events will be June 14 – 18.
  • The member scoring highest on each test will be recognized during the Awards of Excellence Ceremony on July 1.
Members don’t have to pre-register for open events. The testing program will be set up so that each member who has registered/paid to attend NLC can take one open event test. They will just need to log in during the open event testing window and take the test. Specific instructions for doing so will be posted to our NLC website about a week before the testing begins.


May 14, 2021 All competitive event registration must be completed by state advisers
May 14, 2021 URLs of prejudged projects must be submitted by state advisers
(Multimedia & Website Development)
June 7 – 11, 2021 Testing window for all objective test events
June 14 – 18, 2021 Testing window for OPEN EVENT objective tests only
(Economics, Entrepreneurship, Exploring Current Business Issues, Leadership)
June 24, 2021 Performance event judging, via Zoom
(Community Service Project, Critical Thinking, Elevator Speech)
July 1, 2021 Awards of Excellence Ceremony, #1 (for objective test events)
July 2, 2021 Awards of Excellence Ceremony, #2 (for all other events)
After NLC
Competitive event awards and prize checks sent to winners
After NLC Competitive event winners published in Tomorrow’s Business Leader (TBL) NLE Special Edition – online