FBLA National Officer Elections

FBLA NLC Election Results

There are nine national officers who represent FBLA’s membership. The National President, National Secretary, National Treasurer and Regional Vice-Presidents were voted by delegates during the National Leadership Experience.

The Certified Results of the 2021 FBLA National Officer Elections may be viewed below:

*The amendments needed a 2/3 vote to pass or 47 votes.  The numbers for the candidates are correct – they needed a majority vote to determine the winner.*   

The National Parliamentarian is appointed after submitting an application for office and scoring the highest on the parliamentary procedures objective test.

Please note: FBLA and PBL National Parliamentarian Candidates will go through the interview process but not the election process. All candidates completing an application (see below for application) will receive instructions for completing the written exam.


An important and exciting part of the NLC is the election of the 2021–22 national officers.

The FBLA National Officer Candidate Application Deadline is May 15. Questions about national officer candidates should be sent to lsmothers@fbla.org.

View Letter from the Chairman of the FBLA-PBL Elections Committee Here!

View FBLA National Officer Candidate Application Here!

View National Officer Guidelines and Procedures Here!

View the Elections Webinar and Slide Deck Here!

By June 1 all candidates will need to submit all materials below by Midnight ET on this date through the Candidate Campaign Materials Form. This form contains any guidelines/specifications for these items:

  • Headshot
  • Candidate Flyer
  • Draft Written Copy of 2-Minute Campaign Speech
  • Campaign Website Link
  • Campaign Budget (Upload from template)
  • List of Campaign Materials

View the Candidate Campaign Materials Form Here!

A webinar will be hosted on June 12 to prepare candidates for their online campaigns.


Votes are determined as follows:

Each state chapter in good standing shall be entitled to send two voting delegates and one alternate from its active membership. These State Voting Delegates vote on the election of the National President, National Secretary, National Treasurer and any bylaw amendments. State Key Contacts will determine each of their two State Voting Delegates based on a form which is due by May 14.

Each local chapter in good standing shall be entitled to send from its active membership, two to four local voting delegates and one alternate for each voting delegate to the National Leadership Experience in accordance with the following:

  • Under 50 members—two voting delegates.
  • 50–100 members—three voting delegates.
  • Over 100 members—four voting delegates.

These delegates vote for their Regional Vice President. These are determined from those members that are registered for the conference. A report will determine the number of votes based on registration and membership received by May 1. The FBLA Local Chapter Voting Delegation Registration Deadline is June 4, 11:59 p.m. ET

Candidates for elected offices will be elected by ranked voting. A majority vote will determine the winner for each elected office.

Definition: Preferential/Ranked voting is any election voting system in which voters use a ranked (or preferential) ballot to select more than one candidate (or other alternative being voted on) and to rank these choices in a sequence on a scale of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. If a majority is not reached on the first ballot, the ballots of the lowest-placing candidate are redistributed to the second choice. This process of dropping the lowest candidate and redistributed to the next highest remaining candidate continues until a candidate reaches the majority.