Instructions for Taking Open Event Tests


  • Each FBLA, FBLA-Middle Level, or PBL member is allowed to take one open event test.
  • The testing window for all open event tests is June 14-18.
  • There is not a scheduled time for each test. A competitor can log into E-SESS anytime from June 14 at 8 a.m. (eastern time) through June 18 at 11:59 p.m. (eastern time) to take his/her test.
  • Open event tests will be administered as open book/open notes/open Internet search.

It is recommended that students do a SAMPLE TEST on the device they plan to use for testing. The sample test is available from now until June 20 at:

Here are the instructions for open event testing at the 2021 National Leadership Conference:

  • For tests that allow the use of calculators, students will be able to access a calculator as part of the online test. They should not use any other calculators.
  • Due to the pandemic, and continued face-to-face restrictions for some schools, we are not using proctors this year, which is why every student was required to agree to the honor code when registering for the NLC. Please use honesty, respect, and integrity for this process. Test questions MUST NOT be shared with others.
  • Once an online test begins, the clock may NOT be stopped – and the test will close at the end of the allocated time.
    • If a competitor has any problems with the online testing process, please contact our testing company, TFI. Email:, Phone: 866-277-5061
    • PLEASE NOTE that competitors can log on and take their test any time, but if a problem occurs, assistance is only available from TFI between the hours of 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. (U.S. central time).
    • Staff at the FBLA-PBL National Center will not be able to answer technical questions, but we can be reached by emailing
  • To access the test:
    • Competitors should go to the following website:
    • Prior to logging in, the competitor can access the “Participant Guide” on the left to receive instructions about the testing platform. This does not count as part of the test time (as long as they have not started a test) and can be reviewed prior to the testing window.
      • To log into the test:
        • Enter the Organization (it will be either OpenFBLA, OpenML, or OpenPBL)—it is NOT the name of your school or the name of your state.
        • Enter First Name and Last Name – typed exactly as it is listed on the Membership Card or the Membership Database (Impexium) record. The names must be entered exactly as shown, even if a name is misspelled.
          • If a name is misspelled, please notify to have the misspelling corrected, but they will need to log in with the incorrect spelling to take the test.
        • Enter the Password, which is the member’s Membership Database Record Number. There are two ways to access the Password (Member Record Number):
          • It is listed on the member’s Membership Card.
          • The local adviser can look it up in the Membership Database. The diagram shows the Member Record Number:

        • Click Log in.
        • Students will need to read the “General Instructions” and must agree to all of the check boxes before they can click Continue to move into the test.
      • To select a test:
        • Students will need to click Choose Assessment to load the list of events.
        • Students will need to check the box next to the open event they want to complete and then click Submit.
      • To start the test:
        • Students will click the “Begin” button to start the selected assessment. Do NOT click this button before you are ready to start.
      • To take the test:
        • Select your answer and choose Save Answer or Next.
        • To activate the built-in calculator, click the calculator icon at the top of the page.
      • To finish the test:
        • After you are done reviewing all items, click “Submit for Grading,” close the page, and log out. You do not need to print the page.