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This high-energy and totally interactive Leadership Launch Lab is THE place to find and practice leadership skills and strategies to move you to the next level. This is NOT sitting in a chair and hearing about leadership. This is experiencing, practicing and discovering what YOU need to do. It’s an exceptional moment in history where our FBLA leaders need to help one another find their way on their FBLA journey. You’ll meet at least ten people and work with a team to solidify this FBLA experience. You’ll laugh, you’ll cheer and you’ll feel inspired to lead. 

Kat Perkins FBLA Keynote Speaker

Patty Hendrickson

Patty Hendrickson is an author and Certified Speaking Professional who has spoken to more than a million people. She has a Master of Business Administration and works with both corporate and student audiences. Patty is most proud of her business which has more than a 90% repeat and referral clientele – That means people like what she does and invite her back again and again. Get ready to have some fun in Patty’s engaging programs. 

Kat Perkins FBLA Keynote Speaker