PBL Leadership Sessions

FBLA-PBL inspires and prepares students to become community-minded business leaders in a global society through relevant career preparation and leadership experiences.

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Leader Coding

Coding is not just for computing; it is for life and leadership as well! Just as programmers design algorithms and lines of code to give users predictable experiences, search, and outcomes, there is proven coding and practical methods to increase the influence and success of leaders. In this series you will learn 10 proven leader codes you can use in your everyday life, career and beyond.

Boomers to Zoomers

With five generations in today’s work force, the potential for productivity and innovation as well as conflict and confusion has never been greater. However, there is a way to build bridges across “generation gaps” so you can effectively communicate and develop meaningful relationships with members of all generations in the workplace and in everyday life.


Tell Your Story

Great leaders are powerful storytellers…and great leaders spark change! Whether its Martin Luther King, Jr., Taylor Swift, Walt Disney, or Steve Jobs each harnessed the power of the story to make a difference. The best way to learn to be a great storyteller is to practice writing and telling your own life story. Whether you use storytelling in marketing or movies, social media or job interview, learning the essentials of great storytelling will serve you throughout your leadership career. Discover how to effectively tell your story in this series.

Major League Communication

Homeruns, strikeouts, pitches, and sliding into home—this series is designed to give you keys to major league presentation success. Whether you are writing an essay, preparing a business pitch, or giving a powerful speech, this session will help you become an all-star in crafting and communicating messages fans will love! From attention “catchers” to the perfect “pitch” you’ll learn the plays that make presentations powerful in this series.communicate and develop meaningful relationships with members of all generations in the workplace and in everyday life.


Straight Talk on Getting and Keeping a Job

In this series, learn from career intelligence experts on what it takes to land that dream job. From resume and references to interviews and networking, you’ll learn key strategies to distinguish yourself and stand out as the top choice candidate. And, once you land the job, the interview is far from over. Learn how your work, behavior, attitude and approaches once you get your foot in the door all factor into your future career opportunities. Get ready for straight talk on what it takes to get and keep the job you want.

4Cs of Trusted Leadership

It’s a timeless principle, people want to do business and refer people to folks they know, like and most especially—trust. Before people believe what you say, what you’re selling, or what you would like them to do—they have to believe in you. And every day, leaders accidentally enhance and undermine the belief others have in them. The best leaders are the intentional ones who cultivate the “4Cs” of ethical and trusted leadership by consistently strengthening their character, competency, chemistry, and credibility.

PBL in Action

This PBL-focused series is designed to help members make the most out of their PBL experience.

5 Laws of Stratospheric Success

In this story series, you will meet two characters—Joe and Pindar. Joe is an aspiring executive in search of the keys to success. Pindar is one of the wealthiest leaders in town. Follow their journey together over one life changing week as Pindar mentors Joe, and Joe learns he had the keys to be a go-giver and real success all along! Based on the national best-selling book by Bob Burg, leaders will enjoy a little story about a powerful business idea. Explore businesses and leaders who have applied the principles and gain insights into how you can apply the go-giver principles in your own life right now.

Tool Talk Series

The first stage of successful leadership is to be able to lead yourself first! This series will help you increase your self-awareness and equip you with compelling tools and common language that all leaders need in their toolkit. When you know the tools and how to use them, it’s easier to become a leader worth following, build leaders worth following, and lead organizations everyone wants to be a part of. This series features bite size tool talks and lessons to apply in your own life and as you serve and lead others!