FBLA PBL 2020 National Convention Competitive Events Test Taking Tips
FBLA PBL 2020 National Convention Competitive Events Test Taking Tips

Test Taking Tips

  • NLC registration must be paid to compete.
  • There will be no competitive event additions or substitutions onsite.
  • Performance events with prep/case components will be closed to all audiences and do not require sequestering at the NLC for both preliminary and final performances. Please check program for events that are open to public.
  • Make sure you follow the FBLA-PBL Dress Code. Do not risk disqualification or point deductions because of improper attire. If you have a question as to whether your attire is appropriate, it probably is not.
  • Make sure you know where to report before your event time.
  • Remember, elevators and buses may be slow, so allow ample time. Get plenty of rest the night before your competition.
    Some performance events allow the use of the Internet. Please note that sometimes Internet connections fail. Always have a backup plan because you will not be allowed extra time if this should happen.
  • Projectors are provided only during the final round of competition for FBLA (but not for PBL). If your laptop/device does not have a VGA or HDMI connection, you must supply your own adapter.
  • Bring a writing instrument.
  • Name badges must be worn for all competitive events. The performance participants may take off their name badges when presenting.

Questions? Email kscholl@fbla.org